QUESTION: Do you have catalogue?
ANSWER: No, we do not offer print catalogue because our items and fragrance choices are large varieties and update annually. All of our items are avialable for viewing on our website.

QUESTION: What is your product range?
ANSWER: Candle, Incense, Candle and Incense gift set, Oil Burner Set, Potpourri, Home Fragrance.

QUESTION: Do you provide customer pricelist?
ANSWER: Yes , we offer. Anyway , since our product are too many , to help you narrow price scope ,we suggest you to check in our website and e-mail us product name , product code and collection. We ‘ll offer you quotation price accordingly

QUESTION: Do you give free sample?
ANSWER: Unfortunately not. Due to the large volume of free sample requests we cannot supply free samples but we allow customer to order sample at reasonable price. All sample shipping cost ‘ll be charged to customer account

QUESTION: How long does it take to finish sample order?
ANSWER: 10-15 days.

QUESTION: Can we get fragrance or color or ourselves design candle ?
ANSWER: Yes , if you want a basic color we offer change or want to have sample candle developed we are pleased to do so. If you need to match a certain color or design, we do require sample so it ‘s can be assure that sample are accordingly to your requirement.

QUESTION: Why don’t you list burninig times for your candles?
ANSWER: Burning times are not given for most of candle since burning times can be effected by various factors (I.e. wherther wicks are trimmed or not, treffic flow and drafts in the room) Since we don’t know the condition under which the candle being burned , we can’t guaranty that you ‘ll get a certain number of hours for burning time. We do note general burning times for certain candles (pillar and votive –for instance) but these are not guaranty.

QUESTION: What is our minimum order?
ANSWER: Minimum order is USD 5,000 per shipment. Anyway ,if order less than that USD 150 will be added as handling charge in case of T/T or USD 200 in case of L/C.

QUESTION: What is minimum Quantity for each item?
ANSWER: Minimum quantity is 100 /item/color.

QUESTION: What payment term we accept?
ANSWER: T/T 30/70% or L/C at sight.

QUESTION: How long for production lead time?
ANSWER: 45 days (from the date of receiving order confirmation togerther with deposit or sales contract)

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